My good mate Liam just sent me some pics of these crazily modified vehicles.  Too good!  Simply had to share them.  I love all the cars in the Mad Max movies, especially how they're all dented up and filthy.  But, to my recollection, none of them were kitted out as half-tracks with anti-aircraft guns protruding from the cabin.  This is all kinds of awesome.


And this is a reasonably good facsimile of the semi-trailer from Mad Max 2, if it was fueled with a mixture of diesel, steroids and crystal meth.  Or this is quite possibly the love child of Optimus Prime.


If anyone knows of anything along these lines, I'd love to see it.  Saints alive, how I dig this stuff!

Jason: Okay, so the first movie was a crime against my childhood. I'm sure they've ironed out the bugs in the second instalment.
Jason's Brain: Dude, it's a Michael Bay film. You're officially stupid for sitting in this seat.

Jason: Hmm. There's an awful lot of explosions in this film. Hang on, there' s some sort of story here too....he...goes to college for about 5 robots were here at the dawn of time...for some reason. Oh shit, something else blew up. Who was that? Was that a good robot or a bad one? Brain, help me out here.
Jason's Brain: I'm serious. This movie's fucking stupid. I knew this 30 seconds into it.

Jason: Hang on. Didn't it start....the robots were after....but now they.....oh wait, there's Megan Fox's funbags again.
Jason's Brain: THEY ARE DISTRACTING YOU WITH TITS. I'm losing braincells by the second.

Jason: Why is Isabel Lucas interested in Shia LeBouf? Oh man, I knew it! She's a robot slut, programmed to "probe" him for information..
Jason's Brain: Now they are distracting you by putting tits ON a robot. What are you, 12?

Jason: Why are they airdropping US soldiers directly into Egypt, without any sort of international permission or cooperation, based on a long-distance phone call from a disgraced secret agent? Why is there a sun-destroying device in the Great Pyramid? How come the pyramid and the sphinx are nowhere near Giza? Did Michael Bay rearrange Egypt?
Jason' Brain: That's it. I'm LEAVING. You can stay, I'll be out in the lobby.

Jason: WHEEEEEE the robots are fighting! PEW PEW PEW oh look some more boobies hahahaha BANG BANG BANG that robot just smashed the other one, YAAAYY!!
Jason's Brain: [Silence]

Oh, Michael Bay. You're the dumbest man alive, or some sort of secret genius.

No, you're posing topless for a photo with Mike Tyson and a Playboy girl. Turns out you're just dumb.

I just achieved 0.33 SW (1000 words) without even trying.  And this was with a full day of work, a crappy 5 am start to feed Baby Fisch, cooking of tea, cleaning up, and generally piss-farting around online.  I'm on fire. 

Super Secret Project A is coming along very nicely.  I'm sticking to the outline, and my characters are really blossoming as a result.  I've just started setting up a great little conflict, and I'm happy with how subtle I'm making things.  The format I'm aiming for is allowing me a little wiggle room to describe things, set things up, elaborate on things I'd otherwise gloss over.  I don't have to worry about creating an entire world/plot/story in 6000 words or so, and I'm finding it kinda fun, definitely different.
I told them "Do NOT eat the pink pills."

....please stop using "-gate" as a suffix to anything vaguely scandalous.

It's really REALLY stupid.  Ute-Gate is the stupidest one yet.  Please let it go, and move on.

After a brief period of jubilation following today's good news, I've been buckling down on the writing front.  I've been working on Super Secret Project A, and I'm proud to say I'm back in the writing game and loving it.  Today I achieved 1.0 SW, or one complete unit of Sean Williams' daily productivity.  Winter weekends rock for this sort of cloistered get-on-with-it action.

3000 sweet sweet words.  Half of which I cranked out on my new typewriter, because it is free of internet distractions.  Had to stop after a while because the clattering woke up baby Fisch, which is no good.

It's interesting to observe my own evolutions as a writer.  I'm writing to an outline and a plan, and rather than being stymied I have found this very useful.  The format of Super Secret Project A means that I have oodles of legroom to develop characters and background, and my protagonist has grown from a sketchy idea into a beautiful person with fears and spirit and a really delightful gallows humour.

Writing rocks. 
So excited!  I am taking some time out of my typewriter-productivity zone (1000 words so far today) to post my good news and crank up some bogan tunes.

Is 2009 the year of the Fisch?  Only time will tell.  But today is a good day, and I'm quite possibly BOUND FOR GLORY.

So I've found myself re-reading this rather excellent reference book.  If a zombie apocalypse WERE to happen, this is the book you'd want to have on hand.  Max Brooks is the man when it comes to all things zombie, and I was very glad to hear that they are movie-fying his novel World War Z.

Still, on quickly flipping through this book, I have to wonder.....he's thought about zombie apocalypses a LITTLE bit too much.  This I am glad for.
So I was up till about midnight last night working on Super Secret Project A, and finished something that needed to be done and sent the email off.  Salute!  It's good to feel accomplished and to Do Things.

This morning I really felt my age...there was a time when I got by on bugger-all sleep, with nothing more than caffeine and a smile.  These days are THROUGH.  After last weekend's efforts, a week at work and the usual parenting lack-of-sleep, I'd hit the wall.  This morning I just couldn't get out of bed, and I must have slept in till 11 am or so.  This is very unusual for me, and I have to admit that, in some ways, I'm definitely getting on a bit.  On the unkind side of 30 and all that :-)

I've spent today hanging out with Baby Fisch, reading to him, playing games with his toys, and just generally enjoying being a dad.  I've discovered that he LOVES lion pictures, and everytime a lion comes up in one of his books, he gets excited and slaps at the picture with his hand.  It's hilarious!

Now it's the sending of submissions, the *meticulous* updating of my submission trackers, and a bit of writing when the caffeine has truly kicked in. 
I have
a) broken my own brain
b) the inexplicable desire for a late-night snack

In keeping with this week's obsession, I give you some simian segway action.

Cheers, [personal profile] deepfishy !
IT WORKED!  bwahahaha.  In your face, LJ.
Trying this new Dreamwidth thingo out....I should have activated the thing that cross posts this to the cursed Livejournal.  Bear with me, trying it all out.

If you are a Dreamwidth person, I'm jasonfischer over at DW.  I'm already a fan of the terminology, I always thought the "friends" element of LJ was a little misleading and like this whole "circle" thing.

Giving it a!